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Training and User Support

Training for TRS is provided through a Web-based training (WBT) program after you have been enrolled in TRS. The WBT allows agency users to train for TRS when it is convenient for them and their agency, to refresh themselves on modules when new assignments are made, provide new staff with training, and retake modules about which users may have less confidence.

Collections Reporting Topics

Collections Reporting Topics are brief presentations intended to supplement the information users will review in the Web-based training (WBT) modules and the online help and reference documents. Users will most benefit from the presentations if they have already taken the WBTs and are familiar with the online help and reference documents.

GIF filePersonalizing Your Application Views: Understand the personal settings available to users in the TRS application and how you can define these in order to personalize and streamline how you use the software.

GIF fileUsing the Voucher Reports: Learn how to work with the Voucher Report and link to the Voucher Detail Report. Work with different parameters that you can use to refine your results. Review the features and advantages of the Voucher Download Report, and understand Classification Data and vouchers categorized as “preliminary.”

Security Users Series provides information for TRS Security Users to assist them in understanding their roles and responsibilities and to explain the steps that may be necessary to reactivate or maintain users within their access groups.

For additional assistance, please contact the TRS Call Center:
Phone: (800) 346-5465 or (301) 887-6600

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014