Announcement No. A-2013-01

October 2012

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To: Treasury Tax and Loan Depositaries

Subject: Rescission of Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) Volume IV Chapter

1. Purpose

This announcement informs agencies that TFM Volume IV, Part 1, Chapter 1000: Purpose and Plan of Volume IV of the Treasury Financial Manual (TFM), is rescinded. This chapter is an introduction for depositaries that qualify as Treasury Tax and Loan (TT&L) depositaries, and the TT&L program no longer exists in its prior form.

2. Page Changes

Remove     Insert
Part 1, Chapter 1000 (T/L 10)     Not applicable
Table of Contents for Volume IV
(Announcement No. A-2011-01)
    Table of Contents for Volume IV
Table of Contents for Part 1 (T/L 10)     Table of Contents for Part 1

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3. Effective Date

This announcement is effective immediately.

4. Inquiries

Direct questions concerning this announcement to:

Kerry Lanham
Enterprise Projects Officer
Federal Finance
Financial Management Service
Department of the Treasury
401 14th Street, SW., Room 318
Washington, DC 20227
Phone: 202-874-9592