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Bulletin No. 2012-08
Volume I

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Retention: August 31, 2013

To: Heads of Government Departments, Agencies, and Others Concerned

Subject: The Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service, Accounting Data Standards and Financial Data Registry

1. Purpose

This Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) bulletin notifies agencies that the Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service (FMS) is implementing FMS Accounting Data Standards (FADS) and the Financial Data Registry. FADS are data elements that FMS and the Office of Management and Budget require for central reporting, transactional processing, and budget and proprietary reporting, including balances. FADS promote the common identification, use, and appropriate sharing of financial data/information across the Federal Government. The Financial Data Registry serves as the authoritative source for data properties for FADS and other data elements processed through FMS systems.

2. Rescission

This bulletin rescinds TFM Volume I, Bulletin No. 2011-05.

3. Background

The need for FADS arose from the data standardization efforts over the last several years, including the development of the Common Government-wide Accounting Classification (CGAC) structure. Many agencies have adopted these standards even though some of those efforts have not been formalized. During this same period, FMS has undergone its own system modernization efforts, also referencing these standardization efforts. FADS represent a compilation of those data standards required for central reporting, transactional processing, and budget and proprietary reporting.

4. Implementation

FMS is implementing FADS through the following authoritative sources.

FMS Financial Data Registry

The Financial Data Registry identifies data properties for each FADS, as well as other data elements processed through FMS systems. It describes the data element, its length, field characteristics, XML tag, etc. See the FMS Web site at

FMS Accounting Data Standards

The authoritative sources identified below list the values available for each data element captured in the FMS Financial Data Registry.

FMS Data Standards and Implementation Guidance

The following authoritative sources provide additional information:

5. Applicability

Agencies that provide accounting and budgetary data to FMS systems must adhere to FADS. They should plan to adopt the FADS required by each FMS system per Commissioner David Lebryk’s March 23, 2012, CFO memorandum, available on the FMS Web site at

6. Effective Date

This bulletin is effective immediately.

7. Inquiries

Direct inquiries concerning this bulletin to:

Governmentwide Accounting
Financial Management Service
Department of the Treasury
3700 East-West Highway
Hyattsville, MD 20782

David A. Lebryk's Signature

David A. Lebryk
Date: August 13, 2012