Secure Payment System (SPS)

SPS Hands-On Labs


SPS Hands-On Labs provide the opportunity to practice using the new SPS screens and functionality associated with becoming a GWA/CARS reporter. Key SPS personnel will lead the labs, explaining the connection between Treasury initiatives, the October 1, 2014 mandate, and how DEOs and COs can thoroughly prepare to become GWA/CARS reporters.


  • DEO and CO functionality changes
  • Managing TAS/BETC’s (Add/Update/Delete)
  • Providing/Entering/Certifying TAS/BETC information in the schedules
  • Reviewing the enhanced error report

Recommended Participants

  • Data Entry Operators
  • Certifying Officers
  • Individuals responsible for payment activities
  • Individuals responsible for the allocation of resources in order to comply with the October 2014 mandate
  • Individuals who need more information on Treasury’s 2014 Agency TAS/BETC readiness

These sessions are located in Washington, DC. Please register for a SPS Functional Webinar or SPS Technical Webinar sessions if you are not available to participate in person.

Materials and Access:

  • Logistical information will be provided to registered participants via email prior to the scheduled session.


  • Primary
    Tabitha Guyton (202) 874-6811
    E-Mail: Tabitha Guyton

  • Secondary
    Chris Garrett (202) 345-3497 or (202) 874-7316
    E-Mail: Chris Garrett

   Last Updated:  August 28, 2014