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Treasury Data Registry

CollectionsOnReceivablesAtThirdPartyAmount Profile

Administrative Metadata

Name CollectionsOnReceivablesAtThirdPartyAmount
Business Definition At Third Party: The dollar amount for both delinquent and non-delinquent debts collected by a third party other than the Department of Justice or private collection agency, such as a guaranty agency.
Business Context Treasury / Fiscal Service
Registration Status
Incomplete Administrative Status Code Approved/Standard
Version Identifier 4.8
Data Security Code Public
Effective Date 2013-01-01
Published Date 2013-01-01

Stewardship Metadata

Responsible Business Line Debt Management Services
Business Owner Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Data Steward Contact Person Rosa Chan
Data Steward Contact Email

Representation Metadata

Integer Representation Class Amount Minimum Length 0 Maximum Length 0
Character Text Code
Numeric Character Case Code None May Contain Punctuation No May Contain Special Characters No May Contain White Spaces No

Business Rules Metadata

Business Rules Description
No records.

Situational Metadata

Data Exchange Version Document Link Use Personally Identifiable Information
No records.

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Last Updated: 2014-03-10