Payment Application Modernization (PAM)

PAM CTX Webinar Sessions


PAM CTX Webinar Sessions provide Federal Program Agencies (FPAs) with training on changes to files sent to Treasury’s PAM application using the Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) format. Items necessary for consideration as vendors begin to test with Treasury will be reviewed.


  • CTX SPR – Overview and technical discussion
    • Overview of the payment process flow and how CTX payments will be processed.
    • PAM’s implementation of CTX
    • Programming requirements for conversion to the SPR forma.
    • Differences between the legacy flat file and the fully formatted CTX 820 addenda record.
    • Walkthrough of the FPA’s responsibility for sending CTX payments using the SPR 5.0.0 format.
    • Expectation of agencies sending CTX payments.

  • Agency Testing
    • Completing and submitting Connect:Direct forms
    • Reviewing test files
    • Scheduling testing
    • Defining test completion

Recommended Participants

  • Individuals who have direct knowledge of the current CTX format used to submit bulk payment files to Treasury.
  • Vendors who support FPA’s for processing federal payments through Treasury.
  • Programmers and testers who are responsible for making programming changes and testing vendor software of payment files sent to Treasury.
  • Subject matter experts who understand the processes for federal payments being sent to Treasury for processing.

PAM CTX Webinar Sessions Available Dates

Enrollment Notes

Please Note: Enrollment will close 24 hours prior to the session start time.

Conference lines are limited. If multiple people are attending the webinar session from your agency site, please follow the instructions below.

1. Submit a single registration for your agency site.
2. Click "YES" for Special needs.
3. In the text box, please specify the number of people attending from your agency site.
4. Click "Register"

Plan to dial in for the webinar on one conference line.
This maximizes the possible number of attendees with the limited number of dial-in lines.

Materials and Access

  • Presentation Materials, Webinar Access and Conference Line Number will be provided to registered participants via email two days prior to the scheduled webinar date.


   Last Updated:  May 15, 2014