Kansas City Financial Center


The work of the Kansas City Regional Financial Center (KFC) has evolved from the relatively simple disbursement of handwritten checks into a major financial center that issues payments by electronic funds transfer (EFT) and telecommunications using sophisticated software systems, such as Secure Payment System (SPS), high-speed check printers, and enclosing equipment. KFC processes foreign currency payments, and offers a wide range of financial management services for customers, both in and outside of the federal government.

What we do

  • Disburse for the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of the Government.

  • Annually disburse over 923 million items totaling $1.9 trillion dollars.

  • Provide payment and mail services to over 300 federal agencies worldwide.

  • Disburse public monies including benefit payments, disability payments, tax refund payments, federal salary payments, benefit and annuity payments, vendor payments and miscellaneous payments on behalf of federal agencies.

  • Process all foreign currency and same-day payments on behalf of Treasury disbursed agencies.

  • Develop, test, and implement cash/financial management products and services.

  • Provide training and education of cash/financial management and accounting products and services.

  • Implement and monitor cash/credit management, debt collection and accounting programs for federal agencies.

  • Serve as a financial consultant and advisor to federal, state and local governments; the financial community; and the Federal Reserve System to ensure that Fiscal Service initiatives are carried out in a practical, efficient and effective manner.

   Last Updated:  June 17, 2014