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IPAC Bulk File Formats

FMS has revised the Bulk File Layout. Since the implementation of IPAC, many government-wide initiatives have begun affecting the way intra-governmental transactions are processed, resulting in periodic updates to the IPAC bulk file layouts. These changes are in direct support of a number of initiatives including: (1) FMS’ Governmentwide Accounting Modernization Project (GWAMP), (2) Financial Management Line of Business (FMLoB’s) Common Governmentwide Accounting Classification (CGAC) and the Reimbursable business process, and (4) Central Reporting Transformation (CRT) Team efforts to improve Governmentwide reporting. The layout changes included in this Release provide the ability to support multiple Treasury Account Symbols (TAS’) in the existing 27 character Sender TAS and Receiver TAS fields.



   Last Updated:  April 28, 2014