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Who are we?


The Financial Management Service (FMS) is one of 10 bureaus of the United States Department of the Treasury. FMS serves as the federal government's financial manager. Its mission is to develop and manage federal financial systems to ensure that the government's cash flows efficiently, effectively, and securely.

What do we do?

FMS supports other federal agencies by serving as the government's primary disbursements and collections agent, accountant and reporter of financial information, and collector of delinquent federal debt. FMS performs many of the fundamental cash management functions that were delegated to Treasury when Congress created the Department in 1789.

Each year FMS disburses more than $1.6 trillion issuing more than 982 million non-defense payments to recipients, such as those who receive Social Security, IRS tax refunds, and Veterans benefits. FMS is also responsible for administering the world's largest collections system, collecting more than $3 trillion annually. These collections include individual and corporate tax deposits, customs duties, loan repayments, fines, and proceeds from leases. FMS maintains a network of about 10,000 financial institutions to collect this revenue. FMS is also responsible for managing the collection of non-tax debt owed to the government. FMS also oversees the federal government's central accounting and reporting system, keeping track of its monetary assets and liabilities.

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Why work for the Financial Management Service?

FMS is a leader in the financial and technology arena. Employees have the opportunity to work on high-profile projects such as the world's largest collection system; a $1.6 trillion payment system; the federal government's central accounting system; the government's non-tax debt portfolio; and cutting edge e-Commerce technology.

What jobs are available in FMS?

FMS employs individuals in a variety of specialty areas; our core positions are:

  • Accountants & Systems Accountants
  • Financial Program Specialist
  • Program Analyst
  • Computer Specialist

Opportunities range from entry-level trainee positions up through management levels. FMS values its employees and actively seeks to develop the knowledge base and skills of its workforce to better enable all workers to achieve their goals.

Where is the Financial Management Service located?

The Financial Management Service has three locations in the Washington metropolitan area.

Liberty Center Building
401 14th Street SW
Washington, DC 20227

It is located on 14th Street, at the foot of the bridge connecting Virginia and the District, just two blocks off Independence Avenue and across the street from the Tidal Basin. The nearby Smithsonian Metrorail stop, and a public transportation incentive stipend, make commuting easy and cost efficient.

Metro Center II Building
3700 East West Highway
Hyattsville, MD 20782

It is located in Hyattsville, Maryland at the suburban office of FMS headquarters on the Metro's Green Line (Prince George's Plaza Station). Additionally, on-site parking is available at a nominal rate for employees and the offices are within a mile of the University of Maryland, College Park campus.

Ardmore East Business Center
3361 l 75th Avenue
Landover, MD 20785

The remaining fourth of our employees work in our regional finance centers disbursing payments and offsetting debts.

Where can I get more information?

Call: (202) 874-8090
Write: Department of the Treasury
Financial Management Service
Human Resources Division
Attn: Student Educational Employment Program
Room 170A
3700 East-West Highway
Hyattsville, MD 20782

The Financial Management Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014