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This chapter describes the return process for federal payments.

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A. General Information on Returns 4-2
Return Reason Codes 4-2
Death Notification Entry 4-2
Problems Resulting from Incomplete/Improper “Flagging” 4-3
Effect of Returning a Payment 4-3
Notice of Misdirected Payment 4-3
Manual Posting of Payments 4-3
Holding Payments in Suspense Accounts 4-4
Recipients Without Current Accounts 4-4
B. Returning Payments Through the ACH 4-4
Correct Preparation of Returns 4-4
Claim Number Structure Table 4-5
C. Returning Partial Payments in Response to Notices of Reclamation 4-6
Action Steps 4-6
D. Dishonored Returns 4-7
Most Common Errors 4-7
E. Obtaining a Refund from the Government 4-7
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