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U.S. Department of the Treasury Consolidates ACH Claims Functions

Effective October 2, 2006, claims functions related to ACH payments disbursed by the Department of the Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS) will be consolidated. With this consolidation, FMS expects to achieve operational efficiencies and financial institutions will have fewer offices to contact to resolve any problems.

All ACH claims functions are currently performed at four Regional Financial Center locations: Austin, TX; Kansas City, MO; Philadelphia, PA; and San Francisco, CA. Starting October 2, only two offices will perform similar functions. This consolidation should be transparent to financial institutions, except in the area of ACH reclamations. This is where FMS and financial institutions have more frequent contact involving non-entitled, post-death federal benefit payments such as social security.

The Austin and San Francisco locations will be the only offices that process ACH reclamations. Their telephone numbers and the major types of federal benefit payments each handles are as follows:

Austin Regional Financial Center (512) 342-7300 Social Security, Veterans Affairs, Railroad Retirement
San Francisco Regional Financial Center (510) 594-7183 Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Office of Personnel Management civil service annuity

In addition to their existing workload, the Austin office will handle ACH reclamations that were previously handled by the Philadelphia office; the San Francisco office will also handle activity previously handled by the Kansas City office.

Please note this consolidation does not change or impact previously announced changes to U. S. Treasury check processes. This consolidation is also separate from the automation of ACH reclamations initiative that was announced in FedFlash on September 1, 2006. If there are any questions, please contact Dale Walton at FMS on (202) 874-7118 ( Or contact Francie Abbott at FMS at (816) 414-2151 (

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