Fund Balance with Treasury

Outline of Standard Operating Procedures

The Fund Balance Team has contracted with The Center for Applied Financial Management (The Center) to prepare a comprehensive set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for use by federal agencies in reconciling Fund Balance with Treasury (FBWT). The SOPs will cover all possible routine transactions an agency may have to record and ultimately reconcile, that would affect their fund balances. The Center has formed an agency focus group, representative of all federal agencies' reconciliation concerns, to review and insure that the procedures will facilitate agencies needs.

The following is the FBWT standard operating procedures outline, please feel free to send us your comments at

Finalized Outline for
Government Wide Fund Balance Reconciliation Procedure

I.	Introduction:
	A.	Date of Procedures
	B.	Background
	C.	Scope
	D.	Policy
	E.	Fund Account Symbols
	F.	Agency Location Code
	G.	Acronym Listing

II.	SF 224, Statement of Transactions Overview:

III.	SF 1218/1221, Statement of Accountability/Transactions Overview:

IV.	SF 1219/1220, Statement of Accountability/Transactions Overview:

V.	TFS 6652, Statement of Differences Overview:

VI.	Check Issue Audit Overview:

VII.	Documentation Used to Reconcile:
	A.	Agency Source Documents
	B.	Treasury Reports
		1. TFS 6652, Statement of Differences
		2. TFS 6653, Undisbursed Appropriation Account Ledger:
		3. TFS 6654, Undisbursed Appropriation Account Trial Balance:
		4. TFS 6655, Receipt Account Ledger:
		5. TFS 6655, Receipt Account Trial Balance:
		6. TFS 6655, Report of Unavailable Receipt Transactions:
		7. FMS 2108, Year-End Closing Statement

VIII.	Fund Balance Reconciliation:
	A.	Reconciliation Tools
	B.	Comparison of Totals
		1.  SF224/General Ledger
		2.  SF1218/1219/1220/1221/General Ledger
		3.  6653/General Ledger - Other Agencies Entries
		4.  6653/General Ledger - Nonexpenditure Transfers
		5.  6653/General Ledger - Warrants
	C.	Prior Month Differences
	D.	Uncleared Differences
	E.	Resolution of Differences
		1. Adjustments
		2.  Documentation Required

IX.	General Information:
	A.	Most Common Made Errors
	B.	Frequently Asked Questions/Answers
	C.	Helpful Hints

X.	Appendices:
	A.	Glossary of Terms
	B.	Sample Reconciliation Worksheets
	C.	References
	D.	Contacts
   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014