Fund Balance with Treasury

Core Competencies

The Cash Accounting Division (CAD) would like to suggest a curriculum for providing a core competency for reporting and reconciling Fund Balance with Treasury (FBWT) accounts. The following classes, guidelines, and conferences will provide the broad training and skills necessary to effectively understand, as well as, perform accurate accounting, reporting, and reconciliation of information that affect the FBWT. These training classes are available through Treasury Agency Services. Just click on one of the classes below to obtain additional information. This site will be updated as additional information becomes available.

Training Classes:



  • On-Site visits* - Available upon request. For more information, please call Leroy Larkins at (202) 874-9810 or email us at

    * CAD and TAS Staff are available for on-site visits to assess agencies reconciliation needs.

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014