Fund Balance with Treasury

Reconciliation Contact List

Office Responsibility
Budget Reports Division
Arlene Johnson, Director
(202) 874-9877
  • Appropriation Warrants
  • SF1151-Nonexpenditure Transfers
  • Establish Fund/Account Symbols

Standard General Ledger Division
Katherine Winchester, Director
(202) 874-9963
  • Maintain US Standard General Ledger (SGL)
  • Treasury Financial Manual (TFM) Transmittal Letter-Supplemental #2-SGL Chart of accounts, definitions, and crosswalks

Cash Accounting Division
Leroy Larkins, Director
(202) 874-9792
  • FMS 6652-Statement of Differences for Deposits, Disbursements
  • Check Issue Audit
  • FMS 6653/5 Undisbursed Appropriation/Receipt Account Ledger through GWA Account Statement
  • FMS 6654-Undisbursed Appropriation Account Trial Balance through GWA Account Statement
  • Ca$hLink II Adjustments
  • Agency access to GOALS II
  • Establishes and Maintains 8-Digit ALCs
  • FMS 1220 and SF1221-Statment of Transactions through GOALSII
  • SF1218 and FMS 1219-Statement of Accountability through GOALS II
  • FMS P224-Statement of Transactions through GWA

Accounts Branch
Cathie Blewitt, Manager
(202) 874-9779
  • Processing claims against the Check Forgery Fund
  • Administrator for transfer of reclamation, declination, limited payability credits and charges to FPAs via IPAC and SF1081, using ALC 20-18-0009
  • Process accounting reports for check claims

Check Reconciliation Branch
Brent Weaver, Manager
(202) 874-8259
  • Reconciles U.S. Treasury check paid data from FRBs with issue data from Disbursing Offices
  • FMS Form 5206 Issue Adjustments
  • FMS Form 5209 Paid Adjustments
  • Process DO Requested Check Issue Adjustments
  • Follow-up on delinquent check issue
  • Establishes and maintains 4-Digit ALCs

Check Claims Branch
Dawn Johns, Manager
(202) 874-8445
  • Check Claims Process
  • Requirements to submit a claim
  • Provide information on requests for copies of government checks

Shelia Higgs, Manager
(202) 874-8196
  • Billing GOALS II usage fees
  • Monitor/maintain GOALSII System

CA$HLINK II System Owner
Tamara Whitaker
(202) 874-7132
  • CA$HLINK II (Cash Concentration System - Accounting & Reporting)
  • Fedwire Deposit System

For more information, please call the Cash Accounting Division at (202) 874-7980 or e-mail

Mailing Address for offices listed above is:
Financial Management Service
3700 East West Highway
Hyattsville, MD 20782

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014