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ASAP: Automated Standard Application for Payment
Central Accounting Reporting System (CARS)
Centralized Receivables Service (CRS) Program
Certifying Officer Training
Check Claims
Collections and Cash Management Modernization
Collections Information Repository
Credit Gateway
Debt Collection Training
Debt Management Services
Do Not Pay Spotlight Training
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT and ETA)
Federal Agency Customer Outreach Updates
Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol (GTAS)
International Treasury Services (
Invoice Processing Platform (IPP)
Payment Application Modernization (PAM)
Payment Information Repository
Post Payment System (PPS)
Secure Payment System (SPS)
Treasury Agency Services
Treasury Check Information System
US Standard General Ledger


ACH: Automated Clearing House
Combined Statements
Congressional Handbook
Daily Treasury Statement
Exchange Rates
Fact Sheets and Press Releases
Financial Data Registry
Financial Management and Budget Standardization
Financial Report of the United States
Green Book
Judgment Fund
Monthly Treasury Statement
Prompt Payment
Strategic Plan
Sureties: Circular 570
Treasury Bulletin

Regional Financial Centers

Kansas City Financial Center
Philadelphia Financial Center

Treasury Financial Manual

TFM Volume I
TFM Volume III
TFM Volume IV

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