2011   Financial Report of the United States Government

Notes to the Financial Statements

Note 17. Benefits Due and Payable

Benefits Due and Payable as of September 30, 2011, and 2010
(In billions of dollars)
Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance 53.1 51.7
Federal Hospital Insurance (Medicare Part A) 28.6 21.8
Grants to States for Medicaid 26.1 27.2
Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance (Medicare Parts B and D) 25.7 23.3
Federal Disability Insurance 23.9 23.7
Supplemental Security Income 5.2 5.4
Unemployment Insurance 3.2 6.3
All other Benefits Programs 5.2 4.9
Total Benefits Due and Payable 171.0 164.3

Benefits due and payable are amounts owed to program recipients or medical service providers as of September 30 that have not been paid. For a description of the programs, see the Unaudited Supplemental Information—Social Insurance section and Note 26—Social Insurance.

Last Updated:  February 16, 2012