2011   Financial Report of the United States Government

A Citizenís Guide to the Fiscal Year 2011 Financial Report of the United States Government

Looking Ahead

The Nation continues to face extraordinary financial and fiscal challenges. Signs of progress are already evident as Treasury and the Government as a whole continue to develop and implement an array of efforts to foster continued economic recovery. Realizing the true return on those efforts requires perseverance and patience. However, even as the Government continues its current efforts to foster economic growth, it should not lose sight of the long-term fiscal challenges associated with its social insurance programs compared to expected future levels of revenue. The Nation must bring social insurance expenses and resources into balance before the deficit and debt reach unprecedented heights. Delays will only increase the magnitude of the reforms needed and will place more of the burden on future generations. While there is still more work to be done and both near- and long-term challenges remain, the Federal Government has already accomplished a great deal during this fiscal year and anticipates continued progress in the years to come.

Last Updated:  February 16, 2012