2010   Financial Report of the United States Government

United States Government Supplemental Information (Unaudited) for the Years Ended September 30, 2010, and 2009

Unmatched Transactions and Balances

Unmatched Transactions and Balances
(In millions of dollars) Fiscal Year 2010 Fiscal Year 2009
Change in intra-Governmental unmatched balances:
Debt/investment 1,369.9 (1,202.7)
Interest payable/receivable 3.6 13.6
Loans payable/receivable 6,399.2 (6,396.5)
Benefit program contributions payable/receivable 110.2 (25.7)
Accounts payable/receivable (4,111.7) 4,380.6
Advances from/to others and deferred credits/prepayments (953.8) 1,121.7
Transfers payable/receivable 80.6 (61.2)
  2,898.0 (2,170.2)
Unmatched intra-Governmental transactions: Federal securities interest revenue/expense-investment exchange 1.3 40.1
Borrowings interest revenue/expense-exchange (26.3) 55.9
Borrowings gains/losses (1.7) 125.3
Nonexpenditure transfers-in/out 1,683.5 234.0
Expenditure transfers-in/out 649.9 20,357.0
Transfers-in/out without reimbursement (752.8) 10,221.6
Imputed financing source/cost (15.4) (15.0)
Benefit program revenue/cost (1,448.3) (1,240.2)
  90.2 29,778.7
General fund transactions: Fund balance with Treasury (4,697.6) 98,104.3
Appropriations of unavailable special or trust fund receipts- transfers out/in (976.7) 94.4
Appropriations received/warrants 22,060.4 (5,454.1)
Other taxes and receipts/trust fund warrants 2,235.1 3,753.3
Custodial and non-entity collections transferred out/in (713,283.8) (2,528,596.1)
Other general fund transactions 693,163.0 2,424,135.8
  (1,499.6) (7,962.4)
Net intra-agency reporting errors and restatements (719.2) (2,229.2)
Unmatched transactions and balances, net 769.4 17,416.9
() Parentheses indicate a decrease to Net Position.

The Statement of Operations and Changes in Net Position includes an amount for unmatched transactions and balances that result from the consolidation of Federal reporting entities. Transactions between Federal entities must be eliminated in consolidation to calculate the financial position of the U.S. Government. Many of the amounts included in the table represent intragovernmental activity and balances that differed between Federal agency trading partners and often totaled significantly more in the absolute than the net amounts shown. In addition, included in the General Fund Transactions section are certain intragovernmental accounts, primarily related to agency unreconciled transactions with the General Fund, totaling hundreds of billions of dollars. The table also reflects other consolidating adjustments and other adjustments that contributed to the unmatched transactions and balances amount.

Unmatched transactions and balances between Federal entities impact not only in the period in which differences originate but also in the periods where differences are reconciled. As a result, it would not be proper to conclude that increases or decreases in the unmatched amounts shown in the Unmatched Transactions and Balances table reflect improvements or deteriorations in the Government's ability to reconcile intragovernmental transactions. The Federal community considers the identification and accurate reporting of intragovernmental activity a priority.

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