2010   Financial Report of the United States Government

United States Government Stewardship Information (Unaudited) for the Years Ended September 30, 2010, and 2009

Non-Federal Physical Property

The Government makes grants and provides funds for the purchase, construction, and/or major renovation of State and local government physical properties. Cost for non-Federal physical property programs are included as expenses in the Statements of Net Cost and are reported as investments in Table 11. They are measured on the same accrual basis of accounting used in the Financial Report statements. DOT, HUD, and DOD had $55.2 billion (83 percent), $5.7 billion (9 percent), and $2.1 billion (3 percent), respectively, of the total non-Federal physical property investments in fiscal year 2010 as shown in Table 11. Within DOT, the Federal Highway Administration invested $41.5 billion during fiscal year 2010, primarily via reimbursement from the Highway Trust Fund, for States’ construction costs of interstate and national highways. The States’ contribution is 10 percent for the Interstate System and 20 percent for most other programs.

Last Updated:  December 07, 2011