2010   Financial Report of the United States Government


Appendix F: Compliance with the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1996

Under the FFMIA, the 24 CFO Act agencies listed below are required to maintain financial management systems that substantially comply with Federal financial management system requirements, applicable Federal accounting standards, and the U.S. Standard General Ledger at the transaction level. FFMIA provides that both the agency head and the independent auditor publish a determination of compliance on an annual basis.

The table below indicates the fiscal year 2010 compliance findings for each CFO Act agency.

  Agency Head Auditor
Agriculture No No
Commerce Yes Yes
Defense No No
Education Yes No
Energy Yes Yes
Homeland No No
HUD Yes No
Interior Yes Yes
Justice Yes Yes
Labor No No
State Yes No
DOT Yes Yes
Treasury No No
VA No No
AID Yes Yes
EPA Yes Yes
GSA Yes Yes
NASA Yes Yes
NSF Yes Yes
NRC Yes Yes
OPM Yes Yes
SBA Yes Yes
SSA Yes Yes

Last Updated:  December 07, 2011