Federal Agencies' Centralized
Trial-Balance System II

Client Bulk Program

FACTS II (Federal Agencies Centralized Trial-Balance System II) is a computer program that enables Federal program agencies to electronically report budget execution information to the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

The Bulk program improves the reporting process by enabling agencies to upload their budget execution information in one file to the Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS). Using a Connect:Mailbox email-type account, each agency first downloads USSGL (U.S. Standard General Ledger) account and attribute information and TAFS (Treasury Appropriation Fund Symbol) pre-closing balances. The agency uses this information and their own internal accounting system data to create one bulk transfer file containing adjusted trail balances for all of their TAFSs. The agency then uses their Connect: Mailbox account to upload this bulk transfer file to FMS.

FMS uses the Bulk program to process the bulk transfer file, verifying USSGL account numbers and attributes and performing a series of accounting edits. After processing the bulk transfer file, FMS distributes detail and summary reports to the agency via the agency's Connect: Mailbox account.

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   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014