Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) offers businesses, individuals, and federal agency taxpayers the ability to make federal tax payments electronically. The EFTPS is developed and hosted by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service. There is no charge to use the EFTPS. Payments can be made through the Internet, over the phone (both automated and with an operator), or thru third parties such as tax preparers, financial institutions and payroll service providers. EFTPS collects over $2 Billion daily and over $2.3 Trillion each year. EFTPS operates a 24x7x365 call center to assist taxpayers in the use of the system or to take payments.

EFTPS can be accessed at: www.eftps.gov or www.eftps.com

For any question regarding EFTPS, please call EFTPS Customer Service at
1 (800) 555-4477

Last Updated:  October 09, 2014