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Transmission Response Business Message

Business Message Listing
TransmissionRs [1..1]
Successes [0..1]
Warnings [0..1]
Errors [0..1]


Used to identify an application error by either text, code, or by an online description and also to give the status, tag, and/or identification of the record that may have caused the error.

Element Information
The <TransmissionRs> element contains 3 children elements and has a sequence content model. The sequence content model means that there is a particular order to the children elements of the parent element - in this case, the <TransmissionRs> element has a particular order of elements that must be followed.

Attribute Information
EchoID[1..1] String [0, 80]Identifies the unique original Transmission message level identifier.
ID[1..1] String [0, 80]An identifier for the record. For a receiving system, this value can be used to reconcile updates to an existing record and qualify new records. For a sending system, this value can be used to reconcile acknowledgements for the submitted records.
TransmissionTimestamp[1..1]YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS or may end in 'Z' to reflect UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)The timestamp of the transmission.
BusinessTransmissionCategory[0..1]Receivables, Intergovernmental, Payments, USSGL, DebtManagementIndicates the financial management category of the transmission.
InputSystem[0..1] String [0, 40]Identifies the sending trading partner.
SequenceNumber[0..1] [0-9]{4}|0[0-9]{3}|00[0-9]{2}|000[0-9]|[1-9][0-9]*Indicates the number of transmissions submitted.

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