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Managing Federal Receivables

PDF File Table of Contents
PDF File Chapter 1: Introduction
PDF File Chapter 2: Budget and Legislative Policy for Credit Programs
PDF File Chapter 3: Credit Extension
PDF File Chapter 4: Account Servicing
PDF File Chapter 5: Management of Guaranteed Lenders & Servicers
PDF File Chapter 6: Delinquent Debt Collection
PDF File Chapter 7: Termination, Write-Off, Cancellation of Indebtedness
PDF File Chapter 8: Portfolio Sales
PDF File Appendix 1: Credit Bureau Reporting Key
PDF File Appendix 2: Credit Extension
PDF File Appendix 3: Early Financial Warning Signs
PDF File Appendix 4: Debt Collection Statutes and Websites
PDF File Appendix 5: Debt Collection Strategies
PDF File Appendix 6: Documentation of Debt Collection Activities
PDF File Appendix 7: List of Approved Debt Collection Practices
PDF File Appendix 8: Demand Letter Checklist
PDF File Appendix 9: Sample Financial Statement
PDF File Appendix 10a: Referrals to DOJ
PDF File Appendix 10b: CCLR and Instructions
PDF File Glossary

PDF File Entire Revised Managing Federal Receivables (MFR)

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