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Key Dates for Federal Agencies

December 1, 2012
CA$HLINK II historical data (not previously reported in TRS) for the last two fiscal years (October 2010 to September 2012) was loaded into TRS. TRS users can now see the CA$HLINK II historical data for this period using existing TRS standard reports. COMPLETED
December 31, 2012
FMS processed the last deposit reporting entries received directly into CA$HLINK II. All deposits received by 9:00 pm Eastern Time were included in the final deposit reporting business cycle for CA$HLINK II. COMPLETED
January 11, 2013,
9:00 pm ET
CA$HLINK II User IDs for agency users were removed from CA$HLINK II. COMPLETED
By Monday,
January 14, 2013
The remainder of CA$HLINK II historical data, as of October 1, 2004, was loaded into the Collections Information Repository (CIR, formerly TRS). COMPLETED

What does this mean for you as an agency user?

Agencies and financial institutions MUST use OTCnet for all over-the counter deposits. Your primary mechanism for collections reporting is the Collections Information Repository (CIR), which is the new name for the Transaction Reporting System (TRS). CA$HLINK II no longer receives collections data and agencies and financial institutions can no longer use CA$HLINK II in ongoing daily work processes.

All agency Fedwire and ACH credit transactions must settle directly in Treasury through the Credit Gateway and not through a commercial bank. If you are still receiving Fedwire or ACH credit transactions directly in an agency TGA account, that are not being processed through Credit Gateway, please contact the FMS Credit Gateway Program Manager, Randolph Maxwell, at 202-874-5304 or email

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