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The CA$HLINK II System (operational in 2003) is an electronic cash concentration and information system used to manage the collection of U.S. government funds throughout the world and to provide deposit information to federal agencies. This network links federal agencies, commercial banks, the Federal Reserve Banks, and the Treasury Department fund managers together through an electronic network. CA$HLINK II receives deposit information, initiates fund transfers, and concentrates daily deposits made through multiple collection mechanisms into the Treasury's account at the Federal Reserve Bank.

CA$HLINK II provides federal agencies with real-time information (via the Internet) to verify deposits, ACH and Fedwire transfers, and voucher adjustments to reconcile their accounts. This collections data is available online for up to seven years, allowing users to access the system to research and analyze detail deposits and summary-level cash flows. In addition, CA$HLINK II assists the Treasury in managing depositary services provided by financial institutions and monitoring the cash position of the U.S. government.

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   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014