Recipient Organizations: General/Policy Common Questions

1. Can ASAP be used for vendor payments?

No, ASAP is used for grant payments and reimbursements to financial agents that are performing financial services for FMS and other Federal Agencies.

2. Is there a cost to Payment Requestors/Recipient Organizations to use the ASAP system?

There is no fee charged to Payment Requestors or Recipient Organizations to use the ASAP system. Any computer can be used as long as certain equipment and browser specification requirements are met.

3. Does ASAP allow batch processing and who can process batch files?

Presently, Federal Agencies can process batch files through an interface connection to establish accounts and enter authorizations. At present, Payment Requestors cannot perform batch processing.

4. Is there a minimum required award amount before a Federal Agency may place a grant or program on ASAP?

No, there is not a minimum required amount.

5. What type of remittance information does ASAP provide?

While wire transfer formats allow limited remittance information, all ACH payments made by ASAP contain complete remittance information, down to the payment request line item level, in the form of an EDI transaction set (ANSI X12 820, version 3040). See the ASAP Payment Formats Package for details on all ASAP Fedwire and ACH formats.

6. What is my ASAP ID?

The ASAP ID is a seven digit number ID assigned to a Recipiet Organization once they are enrolled in the ASAP application. This number is necessary to access the ASAP application.

7. What procedures should be followed if changes occur within the organization i.e., contact names, addresses (including e-mail) and telephone numbers, individuals being added or deleted from the system.

Contact your servicing Regional Financial Center (RFC). They will advise you on the appropriate form(s) that need to be completed. Recipient Organization Officials can log onto, select the enrollment tab, then make the appropriate selection from the drop down menu.

8. What should be done if someone forgets their password?

New password requirements allow users to self service their password. This can be done by logging onto and selecting the "forgot user ID" option. To have either your or Voice Response System password reset, you may also contact the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank's Help Desk at (804) 697-8384.

Password Policy
While the password format remains the same for users, the current policy for the timeframe to reset passwords will be increased from 45 days to 90 days. Users will be notified before the change is effective.

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014