Federal Program Agencies: Enrollment Common Questions

1. What forms need to be completed to enroll in ASAP?

Federal Agencies must complete the following forms and submit them to their servicing Regional Financial Center.

  • FMS Form 2958 - Delegation of Authority

**If your Agency currently generate payments through the Financial Management Service, you are not required to submit this form; check with your servicing Regional Financial Center.

  • FMS Form 210 - Designation for Certifying Officer

**If your Agency has an FMS 210 and the same person(s) will be the Certifying Officer(s) for ASAP, check with your servicing Regional Financial Center before completing additional FMS 210 forms for ASAP.

2. What block in Part I of the FMS form 210 - Designation for Certifying Officers, should be marked to indicate ASAP?

Depending on the version date of the FMS 210 form: If your 210 form is dated 12-94, mark the box for "SF 1193, 1193A Letter of Credit and 1194 Authorized Signature Card for Payment Vouchers on Letter of Credit." If your 210 form is dated 6-97, mark the box for "Other" and fill in "ASAP". The Federal Agency Enrollment Handbook provides instructions on how to fill out the forms.

3. If a Federal Agency already has an FMS Form 2958 on file with another Regional Financial Center (RFC), will they have to fill out a new 2958?

No, FMS Form 2958 for Federal Agencies are not RFC-specific, and are maintained centrally in Regional Operations Headquarters.

4. Where can I get the enrollment forms?

All forms are available by request from your servicing Regional Financial Center. However, only the ASAP Organization Enrollment and User ID Request Form for Federal Agencies are available via the internet.

5. If an individual gets a User ID and does not use it, does the ID have to be reactivated after a period of time? How long until the ID is deactivated or suspended?

Once the User ID and password is issued, the users must log on to the ASAP system the same day to activate their access. User IDs are automatically suspended after six (6) months of non-use. If this occurs, the user must contact their servicing Regional Financial Center to be reset. After nine (9) months of non-use the ID is deleted from the system. The 9-month period is used in consideration of users who only need to use ASAP once to twice a year. A new ASAP Organization Enrollment & User ID Request Form for Federal Agencies must be submitted to your servicing Regional Financial Center.

6. What do I do if my password expires?

If the user receives the message "Your Password has Expired", the individual can change the password by typing in their logon ID, the old password, tab to the new password field and type in a new word, eight characters alpha and/or numeric, then press enter. DO NOT choose a word you has used the last six times.

Password Policy
While the password format remains the same for users, the current policy for the timeframe to reset passwords will be increased from 45 days to 90 days. Users will be notified before the change is effective.

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014