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Fiscal Year 2001 Reporting

October 2001 (TFM release S2-02-01)

Updated January 24, 2002

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Transmittal Letter (S2-02-01)

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Summary of Changes

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Section IV: USSGL Attributes for Fiscal 2001 Reporting

Fiscal 2001 USSGL Account Attributes Required for FACTS I Reporting of Detailed Financial Information (revised pp. 5-10)
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Section V: USSGL Crosswalks to Standard External Reports for Fiscal 2001 Reporting

Fiscal 2001 FMS 2108: Year End Closing Statement (revised pp. 22)
For complete document see TFM S2-01-02 May 2001 release.
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Fiscal 2001 Budget Program and Financing (P&F) Schedule Prior-Year Actual Column (updated December 2001)
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