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U.S. Government Standard General Ledger Issues Resolution Committee (IRC) Meeting Minutes

August 3, 2006


Judy Yuran (FMS) opened the meeting and introductions were made.


  • Summary of Changes

  • SF 133 Crosswalks

  • Program & Financing (P&F) Crosswalk

  • FMS 2108 Crosswalks

  • Balance Sheet Crosswalks

  • Statement of Net Cost (SNC) Crosswalks

  • Statement of Changes in Net Position (SCNP) Crosswalks

  • Statement of Financing (SOF) Crosswalks

  • Statement of Custodial Activity (SCA) Crosswalks


Christine Chang (FMS) gave an update to the SCA crosswalk. The Trial Balance column for USSGL account 2980, "Custodial Liability," on line 11 was changed from a blank to ending minus beginning (E-B). This column was previously left blank to indicate that only the amount of cash collected is needed. A footnote also was added to clarify that the proper amount for this account is still only the cash collected. In addition, USSGL account 6790, "Other Expenses Not Requiring Budgetary Resources," was added to line 13 of the fiscal 2007 crosswalk. This addition will allow only the Mineral Management Service to report royalty credits. A footnote also was added to explain that no other agencies can use USSGL account 6790 on this line without first obtaining Treasury's approval.

Keith Mertz (FMS) noted that for the fiscal 2006 SNC crosswalk, line 1 has a reference to note 22, a note for intragovernmental and intergovernmental costs. The reference was added to align the SNC crosswalk with OMB Circular No. A-136. In addition, USSGL account 7500, "Distribution of Income - Dividend," now only has an "N" (Non-Federal) attribute domain value. Therefore, lines 1 and 4 are updated accordingly.

Gwen Marshman (FMS) provided an update to the fiscal 2006 Balance Sheet crosswalk. USSGL accounts 2215, "Other Post Employment Benefits Due and Payable," 2216, "Pension Benefits Due and Payable to Beneficiaries," 2217, "Benefit Premiums Payable to Carriers," and 2218, "Life Insurance Benefits Due and Payable to Beneficiaries," are now added to line 24, "Federal Employee and Veteran Benefits," and deleted from line 27, "Other." Also, Gwen noted that the Balance Sheet crosswalk handout contained an error. The USSGL accounts listed above were inadvertently added to the wrong line, line 23. The final crosswalks posted on the Web will reflect the correct line number, line 24. In addition, USSGL account 2190, "Other Liabilities With Related Budgetary Obligations," was added to line 24 to record liabilities incurred but not reported (IBNR). Footnote No. 12 was added to differentiate the usage of USSGL account 2190 on lines 24 and 27. Also, the attribute domain for USSGL accounts 2190 on line 24 was changed to Covered "C", and the attribute domain for USSGL account 2990, "Other Liabilities Without Related Budgetary Obligations," on line 27 was changed to Not Covered "U", as a result of the ballot change for funded/unfunded attribute.

Kathy Winchester (FMS) went over the changes to the SCNP. OMB Circular No. A-136 changed the format of the SCNP. "Earmarked Funds" and "All Other Funds" columns were added and crosswalked to all the lines on the statement. "Cumulative Results of Operations" and "Unexpended Appropriations" columns were removed. SCNP is now in two sections, "Cumulative Results of Operations" and "Unexpended Appropriations." No new accounts were added to the crosswalk; however, calculation lines were revised to reflect the format change.

Kathy reviewed key changes to the SF 133. USSGL accounts 4355, "Cancellation of Appropriation From Unavailable Receipts," 4356, "Cancellation of Appropriation From Invested Balances," and 4357, "Cancellation of Appropriated Amounts Receivable From Invested Trust or Special Funds" were added to line 6A for early implementation in fiscal 2006. USSGL account 1010, "Fund Balance With Treasury," was added to line 19C for receipts that cannot be derived from using revenue or other financing sources. This is especially true for clearing accounts, which are now distributed to the agencies. Footnote No. 8 of the SF 133 was revised to state, "Use USSGL account 1010 when no other USSGL revenue or other financing source account can be used. For example, clearing account symbols do not report revenue activity but instead record liabilities. Since no liabilities are crosswalked to this line, clearing account symbols should use the change in USSGL account 1010 to complete this line."

Kathy highlighted the changes to the fiscal 2006 and 2007 SOF crosswalks. USSGL account 1010 was added to lines 4 and 14B for the same reason as line 19C of the SF 133. Footnote No. 47 of the SOF will be the same as footnote No. 8 of the SF 133. USSGL accounts 8803, "Purchases of Inventory and Related Property," and 8804, "Purchases of Assets - Other" were added to line 15 for early implementation in fiscal 2006. USSGL account 1620, "Investments in Securities Other Than the Bureau of the Public Debt Securities" was added to line 16 for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to accommodate activity for the sale of securities, which is not a part of net cost.

Kathy stated that USSGL account 4357, "Cancellation of Appropriated Amounts Receivable From Invested Trust and Special Funds" was added to column 11 of the FMS 2108 for early implementation in fiscal 2006.

Teresa Tancre (OMB) presented key changes to the fiscal 2006 P&F Schedule crosswalk. The changes were a result of OMB Circular No. A-11 changes, early implementation of new accounts, and format changes to the crosswalk. Lines 4045 and 6636 were added. She stated that OMB only is aware of USDA using line 4045. Line 5835 is used to record permanently reduced offsetting collections. In general, the offsetting collection is temporarily reduced, but, sometimes, the language in a law is written in such a way that offsetting collections are permanently reduced and returned to Treasury miscellaneous receipts. Lines 2398 and 2441 include the new budgetary cancellation accounts (USSGL accounts 4355, "Cancellation of Appropriation From Unavailable Receipts," 4356, "Cancellation of Appropriation From Invested Balances," and 4357, "Cancellation of Appropriated Amounts Receivable From Invested Trust and Special Funds"), which are for early implementation in fiscal 2006. Teresa also discussed the deletion of the Transfer_To_From attribute from the P&F crosswalk. She stated that OMB and Treasury are working together to determine whether or not the attribute needs to remain in the FACTS II system. This will be looked into further during the budget season to see whether the revisions are significant enough to require agencies to submit the attribute for FACTS II. Teresa also indicated that the 6800 line series for Spending Authority From Offsetting Collections has been renumbered and moved to the 5800 line series. The first and second quarters of 2006 P&F data still have the 6800 line series for this year, but the third quarter and future periods will reflect the new 5800 line series and the deletion for the 6800 line series.


Judy asked agencies their thoughts on receiving USSGL TFM Sections I and II this year, prior to the release of the Section V crosswalks. Some of the agencies liked the early release of certain sections of the TFM because it helps them to prepare for the upcoming changes to their system. She also asked if the agencies prefer to see the results of each ballot as it becomes final. The IRC decided that they would like to see the final results of future ballots on the USSGL Web site, but that the detail of the votes is not necessary. Judy also wanted some clarification as to when to bring changes of USSGL accounts to the IRC. The IRC members decided any substantive changes to the USSGL accounts or any changes to the title of accounts should be brought to the IRC. Judy closed the meeting by thanking everyone for their attendance.


Judy Yuran (FMS)
Keith Mertz (FMS)
Kathy Winchester (FMS)
Christine Chang (FMS)
Gwen Marshman (FMS)
Teresa Lampkin (DOT)
David Surti (USDA)
Maryla Engelking (DoD)
Catherine Irani (GSA)
Christine Kent (OPM)
Barbara Harbell (DOE)
Marilyn Evans (DHS)
Kim Klein (NOAA)
Patrice Cousins (NSF)
Traci Carroll (HUD)
Gregory Parker (HUD)
Jeanette Kendel (PTO)
Lynn Poyner (DOJ)
Teresa Tancre (OMB)
Kim Williams (DOJ)
Grace Kim (Ed)
T. Wyes (DOC)

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