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U.S. Government Standard General Ledger Issues Resolution Committee (IRC) Meeting Minutes

July 24, 2008


This meeting was held at the Government Accountability Office, 441 G St. NW., Room 7B15. No meeting will be scheduled in the next 2 weeks due to the Association of Government Accountants conference and the Government Financial Management Conference.

Karen Metler (FMS) opened the meeting by announcing that the major reasons for the meeting were to discuss and complete the crosswalks for Program and Financing Schedule (P&F) and the Reclassified Statement of Changes in Net Position for the Closing Package (RSCNP) so they can be included in the next publication of the Treasury Financial Manual (TFM).


  • Draft USSGL Crosswalk - Budget Program and Financing (P&F) Schedule Prior Year Actual Column for Fiscal 2008 Reporting

  • USSGL Crosswalk - Reclassified Statement of Changes in Net Position for the Closing Package for Fiscal 2008 Reporting

  • Revolving Fund Expenditure Trial Balance Tie-Points - Draft Exception List

  • Revolving Fund Supplemental Expenditure Trial Balance Tie-Points - Draft

  • Revolving Fund Expenditure Trial Balance Tie-Points - Draft

  • Draft USSGL by Fund Type

  • U.S. Government Standard General Ledger Summary of Changes (Cumulative - xxxx)


Karen began the discussion by noting that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released its annual Circular No. A-11 on June 11, 2008. This will enable the USSGL staff to publish the TFM with OMB's updated guidance. The USSGL staff modified the P&F crosswalk, USSGL account attributes section, to include a column for prior-year adjustments. This column will reflect domain values "B," "P," and "X." These domain values are defined as follows:

  • The "B" domain value designates adjustment to prior-year reporting backdated in Treasury's Central Accounting System.

  • The "P" domain value designates adjustments to prior-year reporting not backdated in Treasury's Central Accounting System.

  • The "X" domain value designates a current-year transaction.

Karen also noted that blank cells on the P&F crosswalk in the attribute columns indicate either that the attribute information does not apply to that particular line or that all domain values of that attribute apply. Always refer to the FACTS II Attribute Table for a listing of FACTS II attributes required for each USSGL account.

Michele Crisman (FMS) stated that the RSCNP crosswalk contained a "T" domain value ("T" represents nonexchange) for the Exchange/Nonexchange attribute for USSGL account 5993, "Offset to Non-Entity Collections - Statement of Changes in Net Position," that was inconsistent with the FACTS II Attribute Table. The IRC decided to remove the "T" domain value from the RSCNP for that account.

Michele also noted an inconsistency in the way the attributes are defined for the proprietary and budgetary USSGL accounts. She would like to discuss this difference with the IRC at a future meeting.

Michele stated that the United States Standard General Ledger Interactive Database was not updated to reflect the approved Ballot 07-01 changes for USSGL accounts 8101, "Partial or Early Cancellation of Authority," and 8102, "Offset for Partial or Early Cancellations of Authority." The correction will be made in TFM No. S2 08-03.

Michele continued the meeting by discussing the Revolving Fund Expenditure Trial Balance Tie-Points -Draft, beginning with section 2B. The USSGL staff will modify the draft to remove USSGL account 4044, "Anticipated Reductions to Borrowing Authority."

Leon Fleisher (SBA) will review three other accounts to determine if they should be moved to section 2A or remain in section 2B. The accounts are:

  • 4141: "Current-Year Borrowing Authority Realized";

  • 4143, "Decreases to Indefinite Borrowing Authority";


  • 4145, "Borrowing Authority Converted to Cash."

Michele noted that the IRC should further discuss and define the meaning of the workbooks and the exception table. Currently the workbook lists USSGL accounts to be used for a specific fund type, such as a revolving fund. The exception table contains USSGL accounts that may be used by an agency with special authority to use the accounts. The special authority is granted by language contained in a public law pertaining to that agency.

Michele stated that it is imperative the IRC develop the correct tie-point USSGL account relationships since this information will be used in the FMS Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System (GTAS), which is currently under development. The GTAS will relate each USSGL account to a fund type and will allow only the listed USSGL accounts to be reported for the various related fund symbols. Several of the edits in GTAS will be soft. FMS will give a year's notice to the agencies before a GTAS edit becomes fatal.

Michele noted that Credit Reform accounts will not be included in the Revolving Fund Tie-Point Workbook. A separate workbook will be developed and dedicated only to credit reform accounts.

The USSGL staff will modify Tie-Point 10 of the Revolving Fund Tie-Point Workbook to include USSGL account 5312, "Interest Revenue - Loans Receivable/Uninvested Funds." In addition, USSGL accounts 5400, "Benefit Program Revenue," and 5409, "Contra Revenue for Benefit Program Revenue," will be added to the exception list for this tie-point. Also, the USSGL staff will research USSGL account 7110, "Gains on Disposition of Assets - Other," to determine if it should be included in the tie-point.


Michele concluded by noting that the workbook and the exception list would be updated and presented at the next IRC meeting.

The meeting was closed.


Michele Crisman, FMS
Karl Foltz, FMS
Karen Metler, FMS
Sherry Pontell, FMS
Keith Mertz, FMS
Jenny Smith, HHS
Lisa Trumbull, GSA
Michael Ward, GSA
Janet Winchester, VA
Dan Smith, PTO
Leon Fleischer, SBA
Yen Le, State
Kathy Sherrill, DOD
Kathryn Gillis, DOD
Eva Ables, EPA
Eileen Parlow, FASAB
Sashi Patel, NSG
Andrea David, USAID
Rhonda Beals, SEC
Boris Lyubovistsky, USDA
James Mobley, FS
Sam Idahosa, Treasury
Susan Stengel, NRC

Jeffery Carr, DOE
Teresa Tancre, OMB

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