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U.S. Government Standard General Ledger Issues Resolution Committee (IRC) Meeting Minutes

February 1, 2007


Karen Metler (FMS) opened the meeting with introductions and a review of the Tie-Point Project. She explained that today the review would be on the Trust Fund Tie-Point worksheets. At a future IRC, the USSGL staff will provide draft worksheets for the General Funds and Revolving Fund Trial Balance Tie Points. Karen reminded the IRC that the tie-point worksheets are specific to each fund type and that the exception list is for known valid exceptions.


  • Trust Fund Trial Balance Tie-Points - Draft, pages 1-18

  • Trust Fund Supplemental Trial Balance Tie-Points - Draft, pages 1-4

  • Trust Fund Trial Balance Tie-Points Exception List - Draft, pages 1-3


Karen provided a chart that listed some generalizations as to the "typical" Trust and Special Fund activities:

Special Funds Trust Funds
No Borrowing Authority No Borrowing Authority
No Credit Reform No Credit Reform
No Contract Authority Some Contract Authority
Some Spending Authority
From Offsetting Collections (SAOC)

With regard to Trust Fund Contract Authority and SAOC, the IRC must decide whether to include the related USSGL accounts in the trial balance tie-point worksheets or the supplemental tie-point worksheets. Inclusion of the related USSGL accounts will affect the presentation of various tie-points.

Trust Fund Trial Balance Tie-Point Worksheets - DRAFT
Karen stated that Michele Crisman (FMS) prepared today's handouts using the Special Fund worksheets, including the comments from the IRC meeting last week. USSGL accounts specifically for Trust Funds were not added. During the review, appropriate USSGL accounts for Trust Funds were added.

Karen stated that there are 3 agencies with 15 Treasury Account Fund Symbols (TAFS) for Contract Authority. Two of the three agencies with Contract Authority TAFS are the Department of Transportation, which has the Highway Trust Fund, and the Department of Defense. A discussion ensued regarding whether or not to include Contract Authority TAFS. Teresa Tancre (OMB) stated that although there are only a few Contract Authority TAFS, they are significant dollar amounts and should be included. The decision was made to include this activity in the worksheets.

Karen provided some statistics for Trust Funds with SAOC. For the USSGL 42XX series of accounts Special Funds have 13 agencies with 183 TAFS, (3 percent of the FACTS II TAFS), and Trust Funds have 21 agencies with 350 TAFS, (6 percent of the FACTS II TAFS). Barbara Harbell (DoE) suggested that Karen make a similar analysis for the percentage of the total Trust Fund TAFS versus the total TAFS. Teresa mentioned that SAOCs contain reimbursable activity and Economy Act activity. Eileen Parlow (FASAB) stated that materiality should play a role in the decision to include/exclude SAOC. The USSGL staff will conduct further analysis and will present the data to the IRC for determination as to whether reimbursable/Economy Act activity should be included in the trial balance tie-point worksheets or in the supplemental tie-point worksheets.

Tie-Point 1
Assets = Liabilities, Net Position, Revenue, Expenses, and Gains/Losses (Preclosing)

USSGL account 2155, "Expenditure Transfer Payable" will be added because this USSGL account is recorded by Trust Funds.

Tie-Point 2
Budgetary Cash = Proprietary Cash

Karen explained the difference between the Tie-Point 2 Direct and Indirect methods. TP2 Direct affects USSGL account 1010, "Fund Balance With Treasury." Tie-Point 2 Indirect achieves the same result by looking at the obligated/unobligated balances and backing out the non cash items. It mirrors the FMS 2108. Karen reminded the IRC that at last week's meeting they decided to remove the word "or" between the methods.

2A Direct Method - Budgetary Cash = Proprietary Cash
Eileen suggested that USSGL account 4230, "Unfilled Customer Orders Without Advance - Transferred" be removed because there is no cash received in this account. Karen will verify the change request. Also, it was suggested that more analysis be done on the budgetary contract authority accounts for Tie-Points 2A and 2B.

2B Indirect Method - Budgetary Cash = Proprietary
Karen noted that USSGL account 4320 "Adjustments for Changes in Prior-Year Allocations of Budgetary Resources" will be added. USSGL accounts 4132, "Substitution of Contract Authority," and 4137 "Transfers of Contract Authority" are currently marked for deletion but should remain on the worksheet.

Tie-Point 3
Unpaid Expended Authority = Accounts Payable

USSGL account 2155, "Expenditure Transfers Payable" will be added. Eileen suggested reviewing the inclusion of USSGL account 2940, "Capital Lease Liability," and questioned whether it always is funded and obligated.

Tie-Point 4
Expended Obligations = Proprietary Costs and Capitalized Costs

USSGL account 4971, "Downward Adjustments of Prior-Year Unpaid Delivered Orders - Obligations, Recoveries" should not be removed. The same comment pertains to Special Funds.

Tie-Point 5
Total Advances and Other Prepayments = Undelivered Orders Prepaid/Advanced

No changes were made.

Tie-Point 6
Unfilled Customer Orders With Advances = Unearned Revenue

The SAOC decision will affect inclusion of the USSGL accounts 42XX in this tie-point or on the supplemental worksheet.

Tie-Point 7
Expended Authority = Expended Appropriations

No changes were made.

Tie-Point 8
Anticipated Resource = Anticipated Status

A comment was made that USSGL account 4047, "Anticipated Transfers to the General Fund of the Treasury" doesn't belong on the Special or Trust Fund Tie-Points. Karen will analyze further.

Tie-Point 9
Receivables Budgetary = Federal Receivables Proprietary

The SAOC decision will affect inclusion of the USSGL accounts 42XX in this tie-point or on the supplemental worksheet. USSGL accounts 4225, "Appropriation Trust Fund Expenditure Transfers - Receivable" and 4232, "Appropriation Trust Fund Expenditure Transfers - Receivable - Transferred" will be added to the Exception List.

Tie-Point 10
Proprietary Revenue = Budgetary Offsetting Collections

The SAOC decision will affect inclusion of the USSGL accounts 42XX in this tie-point or on the supplemental worksheet. USSGL account 4255, "Appropriation Trust Fund Expenditure Transfers - Collected" will be added to the Exception List.

Tie-Point 11 - Supplemental
Appropriation Derived from General Fund Budgetary = General Fund Appropriation Received Proprietary

There are two methods provided for supplemental Tie-Point 11. The indirect method mirrors the appropriation receivable line on the SF 133. The IRC commented that this method is more like a statement tie-point and should not be included here. However, at the last IRC meeting, it was decided to include it. Karen will add a note that method 11B is a statement tie-point.

Tie-Point 12
Delivered Orders Budgetary = Funded Expense Proprietary and Purchases of Assets

A comment was made that this tie-point is a duplicate of Tie-Point 4. USSGL account 4931, "Delivered Orders - Obligations Transferred, Unpaid" should be added to the General Fund Trial Balance Tie-Point.

Tie-Point 13
Unexpended Appropriations Budgetary = Unexpended Appropriation Proprietary

USSGL accounts 3102, "Unexpended Appropriations - Transfers-In" and 3103, "Unexpended Appropriations - Transfers-Out" should be removed because appropriation transfers are only made between Federal funds and not typically between Trust Funds.

Tie-Point 14
Post-Close (Prior-Year) = Beginning (Current-Year)

USSGL accounts 2155, "Expenditure Transfers Payable," and 4136, "Contract Authority To Be Liquidated by Trust Funds" should not be removed. Inclusion/exclusion of USSGL accounts 42XX will be determined by the SAOC decision. USSGL account 4225, "Appropriation Trust Fund Expenditure Transfers - Receivable" will be added to the Exception List. USSGL investment accounts 25XX, account 1350, "Loans Receivable," and account 1359, "Allowance for Loss on Loans Receivable," should be consistent with Tie-Point #1.

Tie-Point 15
Beginning Balance (Current Year) = Preclosing Ending Balance of Current Year

The note was revised to read, "The tie-point verifies that no current year authority was directly…"

In the definition for USSGL account 4398, "Offsetting Collections Temporarily Precluded From Obligations" the second sentence that states "The ending balance of this account will be part of the end-of-year balance in the Schedule of Unavailable Collections (Schedule N) of the Budget of the United States Government" will be removed. According to Teresa, Schedule N has not included this activity for the last 2 years.

Karen ended the meeting stating that the General Fund Trial Balance Tie-Points will be the next fund type to be reviewed.


Karen Metler, FMS
Keith Mertz, FMS
Karl Foltz, FMS
Gwen Marshman, FMS
Teresa Tancre, OMB
Barbara Harbell, DOE
Marilyn Evans, DHS/FEMA
Eileen Parlow, FASAB
Christine Kent, OPM
Patrice Cousins, NSF
Kathy Sherrill, DoD
Traci Carroll, HUD
Gregory Parker, HUD
D.J. Akinnagbe, DOC
Yong Sun, HUD
Webster Coleman, DOL
Parker Hill, DOI
Lisa Trumbull, GSA
Catherine Irani, GSA
Letha Holliday, SSA
Junghee Gogue, SSA
Thao Cicala, PTO
Diane Washington, DOI
Kevin Dugas, DOT

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