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U.S. Government Standard General Ledger Issues Resolution Committee (IRC) Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2006


Judy Yuran (FMS) opened the meeting and introductions were made.


  • Account Transaction Categories

  • Crosswalk Revisions

  • Crosswalks

  • Trial Balance Tie-Points, Draft

  • Financial Statement's Tie-Points - Draft


Melinda Pope (FMS) gave a brief overview of the Account Transaction Categories. She stated that the USSGL Division is working on making the TFM as accurate and as consistent as possible before the U.S. SGL Interactive Database (SID) is implemented. She stated that Transaction Categories were expanded to make more room for future transaction codes. Judy Yuran (FMS) mentioned that transaction codes will be updated in all the scenarios in the future and asked for agency volunteers to help. The IRC agreed with the changes to the Transaction Categories.

Melinda also reviewed crosswalk revisions required for SID. Comments currently in the Additional Information Required (AIR) column will now appear as numbered footnotes at the end of each crosswalk. The reason for this change is that SID requires all crosswalks to be consistent. Another change in the crosswalk is the removal of asterisks from the domain values. Dave Surti (USDA) stated that asterisks were useful and should not be deleted. To accommodate this concern, USSGL staff will research adding a comment to replace the asterisks. Melinda informed the IRC that hidden columns will be removed from the crosswalks [find out which crosswalks because not all hidden columns are going away] and all titles on the crosswalks will be consistent with OMB Circular No. A-136. At the end of her presentation, there was a discussion on the Balance Sheet crosswalk changing from postclosing to preclosing account balances. Joe McAndrew (Treasury) noted that Treasury's Reclassified Balance Sheet contains preclosing balances. The IRC decided that all USSGL crosswalks will use preclosing USSGL account balances. As a result, the Form and Content Balance Sheet will be revised similar to the reclassified Balance Sheet.

Judy noted that when SID is released, she hopes that agencies will provide feedback so that the USSGL staff can make improvements to future versions of SID.

Michele Crisman (FMS) reviewed Financial Statement tie points and noted various changes and exceptions.

Michele also reviewed Trial Balance tie-points. Tie-point #15 will have a valid exception that agencies can include balances with a Non-Federal attribute if the agency has a statutory authority to treat Non-Federal receivables as budgetary resources. Tie-point #16 also will have a valid exception; it will state that revenue from the public is not a budgetary resource until agencies collect the revenue. Judy mentioned that everyone should review the tie-points closely and test them at their agency. For tie-point #17, Maryla Engelking (DOD) will provide comments regarding the Statement of Budgetary Resources and the Statement of Changes in Net Position. The problem is USSGL account 4114, "Appropriated Trust or Special Fund Receipts," does not close to the net position of the Statement of Change in Net Position; however, USSGL account 4114 is included in the Statement of Budgetary Resources. Melinda Pope mentioned there should be a few more Financial Statement tie-points. They are listed as follows:

  1. Line 14, Imputed Financing From Costs Absorbed by Others, on the Statement of Net Position should equal to Line 8, Imputed Financing Costs Absorbed by Others, on the Statement of Financing.

  2. Line 12, Donations and Forfeitures of Property, on the Statement of Change in Net Position should equal to Line 6, Donations and Forfeitures of Property, on the Statement of Financing.


Judy closed the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and stated Cash and Investments Held Outside of the Treasury will be the topic for discussion at the next IRC meeting.


Judy Yuran (FMS)
Shadonna Broaddus (FMS)
Michele Crisman (FMS)
Keith Mertz (FMS)
Karl Foltz (FMS)
Kathy Winchester (FMS)
Christine Chang (FMS)
Shade Koletowo (FMS)
John Emery (FMS)
Teresa Lampkin (DOT)
David Surti (USDA)
Miguel Reyes (DOL)
Maryla Engelking (DOD)
Catherine Irani (GSA)
Cheryl Percer (USDA)
Christine Kent (OPM)
Peter Vieira (State)
Quantwene Hobson (USDA)
Susan Jones (NRC)
Kathleen Dillehay (NOAA)
Rick Lubarski (Peace Corps)
Joseph Henry (SBA)
Tim Siekierla (FCC)
Scott Chayette (DOE)
Chris Dyson (Ed)
Gabrielle Chapman (NASA)
Sharon Bryant (NASA)
Kay Lee (HHS)
Al Buck (USAID)
Patrice Cousins (NSF)
Joe McAndrew (Treasury)

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