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Enterprise Reference Data

Trading Partners

The SAM application has the ability to send Enterprise Reference Data (ERD) to trading partners in various formats. Financial Management Service (FMS) approves requests from Trading Partners to receive ERD from SAM. The ERD that SAM provides to its current Trading Partners includes:

  • Agency Location Codes (ALCs)
  • Treasury Account Symbol - Business Event Type Codes (TAS-BETCs)

The Trading Partner Integration Guide (TPIG) also addresses many functional and technical aspects of standing up a system-to-system interface with the SAM application in order to receive ERD. For more information, please reference the Trading Partner Integration Guide (TPIG) below.

For questions contact:

Treasury Support Center
Phone: (877) 255-9033

Trading Partner Integration Guide (TPIG)PDF file
(896 kb)

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014