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Treasury Financial Management Data Registry

Authority Type Code

Administrative Metadata

NameAuthority Type Code
Business DefinitionDistinguishes among the types of budgetary resources, where it is not possible to do so by the USSGL Account Number Code. For example, the USSGL rescission accounts (USSGL accounts 4392 and 4393) do not distinguish between rescissions of appropriations or contract authority.
Business ContextUSSGL
Registry Status
StandardAdministrative StatusApproved/Standard
Data SecurityPublic
Effective Date30 Dec 1899
Business ReferenceTreasury Financial Manual Vol. I Supplement No. 2

Stewardship Metadata

Steward OrganizationFMS/Governmentwide Accounting
Authoritative SourceTreasury Financial Manual Vol. I Supplement No. 2
Data Steward Contact PersonTamia Williams
Data Steward Contact Email

Representation Metadata

Minimum Length
1Maximum Length1
CharacterCharacter Text ClassAlphabeticRepresentation ClassCode
Value Domain Listing
BBorrowing Authority
CContract Authority
DAdvance Appropriation
SSpending Authority From Offsetting Collections

Business Rules Metadata

Business RulesDescription
Business Rule [255]If Authority Type Code value is 'B', then Borrowing Source Code must be used.
Business Rule [229]This data element must be used for general ledger posting, financial reporting, budgetary control, and funds control.
Business Rule [202]Each accounting system must be able to store and maintain this data element.

Situational Metadata

System NameData Exchange NameData Field NameStandard Conformant Status
No records.