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Treasury Data Registry

AvailabilityTypeCode Profile

Administrative Metadata

Name AvailabilityTypeCode
Business Definition Identifies no-year accounts (X), clearing/suspense accounts (F), Treasury central summary general ledger accounts (A), and merged-surplus accounts (M).
Business Context Treasury / Fiscal Service
Registration Status
Incomplete Administrative Status Code Approved/Standard
Version Identifier 4.8
Data Security Code Public
Effective Date 2012-06-20
Published Date 2012-12-31

Stewardship Metadata

Responsible Business Line Governmentwide Accounting
Business Owner Financial Management Service
Data Steward Contact Person Patricia Smith
Data Steward Contact Email

Representation Metadata

Enumerated Representation Class Code Minimum Length 1 Maximum Length 1
Character Text Code
Alphabetic Character Case Code Upper May Contain Punctuation No May Contain Special Characters No May Contain White Spaces No
Value Domain Listing
Item Description
X No Year account.
F Clearing/Suspense Account
A Treasury Central Summary General Ledger account
M Merged Surplus account

Business Rules Metadata

Business Rules Description
No records.

Situational Metadata

Data Exchange Version Document Link Use Personally Identifiable Information
CAFE-TRS inbound 4.8 [0..1] No
GTAS 4.8 [0..1] No
PIR NTDO inbound 4.8 [0..1] No
SAM TAS outbound 4.8 [0..1] No
SPS-PAM inbound 4.8 [0..1] No
SPS-PAM inbound 4.8 [0..1] No
TRS inbound 4.8 [0..1] No
TRS inbound 4.8 [0..1] No
TRS inbound 4.8 [0..1] No

For help, please contact the Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service Enterprise Data Architecture team.
Last Updated: 2013-12-31