Payment Application Modernization (PAM)

TAS/BETC Technical Walkthrough


TAS/BETC Technical Walkthrough sessions focus on technical aspects of preparing Federal Program Agencies to become GWA/CARS Reporters for the October 1, 2014 mandate. The primary focus will be on the detailed technical changes for each payment application, including a walkthrough of file format data elements for the program upload files.

Training will be presented by key personnel from the GWA, SAM, SPS, and PAM applications.

All FPAs will be required to define and submit valid component TAS/BETC information with all transactions, including payments. To comply with this requirement, Agencies will need to convert to standard payment request input formats that include the necessary TAS/BETC components for reporting. Once converted, TAS/BETC information will be reported to Governmentwide Accounting (GWA/CARS) in order to satisfy the CARS reporting requirements.

Commissioner Dave Lebryk has signed follow-up memos to the January 14, 2011, memo emphasizing the October 1, 2014 CARS Reporter deadline. Memorandum for All CFO's and Deputy CFO's

Payment Applications & Topics

GWA/CARS  Governmentwide Accounting

  • Converting FPA legacy appropriations to the component TAS/BETC & reclassification upload file
  • Reclassification upload process

SAM  Shared Accounting Module

  • Identifying FPA component TAS/BETC on the SAM public website & set up of default TAS/BETC

SPS  Secure Payment System

  • 440 file format TAS/BETC changes and testing requirements

PAM  Payment Application Modernization

  • Standard Payment Request (SPR) file format walkthrough

Recommended Participants

  • Programmers / Vendors
  • Testers
  • Project Leads / Managers
  • Those responsible for program changes and/or implementations

These sessions are located in Washington, DC. Please register for a SPS Functional Webinar or SPS Technical Webinar sessions if you are not available to participate in person.

Materials and Access

  • Logistical information and instructions to view/print session material will be provided to registered participants via email one week prior to the scheduled session.
   Last Updated:  June 17, 2014