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OTCnet Release 1.5

On June 7th, 2014, the OTCnet application upgraded to Release 1.5. Release 1.5 introduces new features that help agencies utilize the OTCnet application more efficiently and effectively.

Major updates with Release 1.5 include the implementation of Phase 1 of a new historical reporting function (Archiving) which allows users to efficiently query check records that are associated with batches that have a Received Date older than 18 months from the current system date. This new feature allows users to run Historical Reports in the system background while performing other activities on the OTCnet application. Previously Generated Reports are also retained in the system for continued access for seven days. Phase 1 of Archiving is for Check Capture functions and for the CIRA CSV report. Future phases will include additional reports, as well as the implementation of the Archiving function for Deposit Reporting.

Release 1.5 also includes updates to the Close Batch and Approve Batch screens. To address agencies’ needs and feedback, the Print PDF Report and Confirm buttons were updated. A new field called Voucher Date was added to the 215 Deposit Ticket Report and to the 5515 Debit Voucher Report. At this time, the Voucher Date field populates with the same information as the settlement date. We will notify all users when we implement additional changes to the Voucher Date field later this year.

In addition with this release, new software allows the Batch List Reports to populate and print consistently, resolving the previous issue in which the batch list did not populate or was unable to print.

Updated training materials include information on generating Historical Reports and viewing previously generated Historical Reports. The updated System Requirements and User Roles Guide documents, as well as the OTCnet 1.5 Release Notes, are now available on the OTCnet website.

We recommend that users review the information and resources on the OTCnet 1.5 Information webpage of the OTCnet website at: http://www.fms.treas.gov/otcnet/releaseinfo.html.

For any questions regarding OTCnet Release 1.5, please contact the Treasury OTC Support Center at 866.945.7920 or via email at FMS.OTCChannel@citi.com.


The Over the Counter Channel Application (OTCnet) enables federal Agencies to integrate check capture and deposit reporting activities, consolidating management of all check and cash deposits through one Web-based application.

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