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OTCnet Hardware Ordering Overview


In order to collect check images and information using the OTCnet Check Capture module, your location will need to use a check scanner for each PC on which you will be using OTCnet. There are two types of scanners: a single check scanner and a batch scanner.

For more information on OTCnet compatible scanners, please refer to the OTCnet System Requirements PDF file document and the OTCnet Check Scanner Overview PDF file document.

Hardware Ordering Instructions

You have two options for purchasing hardware:

Option 1: Use your agency purchase card to purchase the hardware directly from a vendor. Currently, we offer three models of check scanners.

Option 2: Complete an Interagency Agreement (IAA) form to transfer funding for hardware from your agency to Fiscal Service, and have the Treasury OTC Deployment Team purchase the hardware on your behalf. Submit the completed IAA form to FMS.OTCDeployment@citi.com.

Additional Information

To learn more about OTCnet hardware, or for assistance with ordering, please e-mail or call the Deployment Team at (703) 377-5586 or e-mail FMS.OTCDeployment@citi.com.

You may also choose to contact the following Vendor points of contact (POCs), below, for assistance with hardware orders. For RDM scanner information, please contact:

Stacy Carson
RDM Corporation
(800) 567-6227/345 Toll Free
(519) 746-8483/345 Phone

For Panini information, please contact:

Birch Harrison
Bankers Exchange
1-888-749-6396 x22

   Last Updated:  March 30, 2015