Training & Events

2013 IPAC Webinar Sessions

Webinar Objective

These webinars are being held to provide Federal Program Agencies (FPAs) information on the upcoming Intragovernmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) application changes related to the Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) format. In addition, the IPAC staff will address all questions as it relate to the change in the format; as well as, make the distinction between both the Jan 2014 vs. Oct 2014 changes.

IPAC Agenda

  • Component Treasury Account Symbol (CTAS)
  • Department Code vs. Agency Identifier
  • January 1, 2014 deadline vs. October 1, 2014 deadline
  • CARS Reporter (IPAC) conversion
  • Next Steps and Agency expectations
  • Contact Information

Target Audience for the IPAC Webinar

  • Agencies sending string TAS
  • Individuals who have direct knowledge of the current flat file format used to submit bulk payment and collection files to Treasury.
  • Vendors who support FPAs for processing bulk payment and/or collection through Treasury.
  • Programmers who are responsible for making programming changes and testing vendor software of payment and/or collection files sent to Treasury.
  • Subject matter experts who understand the processes and file formats for payments and/or collections being sent to Treasury for processing.

Webinar Materials and Access:

Presentation Materials, Webinar Access and Conference Line Number will be provided to registered participants via email two days prior to the scheduled webinar date.

Primary IPAC Webinar Coordinator:
Dominique McCreary (202) 874-6352
E-Mail: Dominique.McCreary@fms.treas.gov

Secondary IPAC Webinar Coordinator:
Jim Jenkins (202) 874-9864
E-Mail: Jim.Jenkins@fms.treas.gov

IGT Buy/Sell Enhancements

There is no IPAC Training scheduled at this time, please review the IPAC Tutorial.

The tutorial has been revised for Release 11.5. The tutorials are self-paced, interactive training modules designed to introduce the user to navigating through the graphical user interface screens.

IPAC TutorialRevised - January 2011

Training Environment

A Training Environment has been established for agencies so they can become acquainted with the user interface by navigating through screens and performing regular transactions. This will give agencies an important opportunity to familiarize themselves with the look-and-feel of IPAC.

IPAC Training Environment Guide 2-2-2011PDF file


   Last Updated:  June 17, 2014