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Why did I get this check or payment?

I received a check from Treasury and I do not know why. How can I find out why it was sent to me?

Contact the Treasury Regional Financial Center (RFC) that issued the payment to you to determine which federal agency authorized the payment.

For identification purposes, the city and state of the RFC is printed on the top center of the check.

Philadelphia and Kansas City 855-868-0151

Also see: Check Claims

I received an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment from Treasury and I do not know why. How can I find out where this payment originated?

Treasury disbursed payments can be identified using information contained in the Company/Batch Header Record. The Regional Financial Center (RFC)/Routing Number Table (found on page 2-7) lists the appropriate information for each FMS RFC. You can identify a payment by locating the following information:

RFC Symbol Number
Field 3, Company Name, of the Company/Batch Header Record

Routing Number
Field 12, Originating DFI Identification, of the Company/Batch Header Record

Sample Company/Batch Header Record (with identifying information highlighted)

Sample Company/Batch Header Record

RFC Symbol Number: 220 (Austin RFC)
Routing Number: 111036183 (Vendor/Miscellaneous Payments)

Note: A '2' in field 11 of the Company/Batch Header Record identifies the Originator as a federal government entity or agency.

Regional Financial Center Symbol Number Location
Austin Regional Financial Center 220 Austin, Texas
Kansas City Regional Financial Center 310 Kansas City, Missouri
Philadelphia Regional Financial Center 303 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For additional information on direct deposit call at (202) 874-7328.

Other questions? Contact the nearest FMS Customer Assistance Staff:

Philadelphia and Kansas City 855-868-0151

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   Last Updated:  June 04, 2014