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Child Support

to operation of the Treasury Offset Program whereby, certain federal payments, including Federal tax refunds, can be offset to collect delinquent child support obligations. You can seek assistance from your State child-support enforcement agency or from the Office of Child-Support Enforcement (OCSE). Part of the Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families, OCSE assists State governments in operating and managing their child-support programs effectively and in conforming with Federal requirements.

1. My ex-spouse owes child support. What is the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) and how can it assist me with payment collection?

If your ex-spouse is a federal payment recipient, the TOP allows the state to offset certain types of federal payments in order to collect the delinquent child support owed. Contact your state or local child-support enforcement officeExit the FMS Web site to determine whether federal payments to your ex-spouse can be offset through TOP.

For additional information contact the Department of Health and Human Services Office Child-Support EnforcementExit the FMS Web site at (202) 401-9373.

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2. My payment was reduced, but I do not owe any debt to the United States, and I do not owe any past-due child support. What should I do?

Contact the federal or state agency collecting the debt which is listed in the notice you received.

If you need information about whom to contact, call the Treasury Offset Program Call Center toll-free at (800) 304-3107.

If your debt has been paid in full, or if you do not owe a debt, the federal agency that authorized FMS to collect the debt is responsible for returning any part of your payment that should not have been taken from you.

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3. My federal payment was reduced two months ago for delinquent child support. The state has not received the money. Where is it?

Funds collected by the Treasury from your federal payment are sent to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the federal liaison office with the states on child-support enforcement. HHS disburses the funds to the states. To obtain information on the status of a support payment, you should request the state to contact HHS directlyExit the FMS Web site.

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   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014