Common Questions

What does an EZpay™ card look like

The front of the card looks like this:
EZpay image
Microchip Stores “Electronic Currency”

The U.S. Department of the Treasury seal appears on the back

How does the EZpay™ card work?

Customers insert the EZpay™ card into the store Point of Sale terminal when instructed to do so by the cashier. The available balance on the card is displayed on the terminal. The cashier enters the purchase amount into the terminal, and then the customer presses "Yes" to approve the sale. Within seconds, the value of the purchase is deducted from the card. The new balance is displayed on the terminal, and the card is ready to be removed. Some merchants allow receipts to print. Your receipt will also show your card balance.

Can the customer cancel the transaction?

Yes, to cancel a transaction on the Point of Sale terminal, the customer presses "No" instead of "Yes" when prompted to approve the sale.

Is the card secure?

Yes, your card is protected by advanced cryptographic technology which ensures the card is valid and the balance is accurate. If a card is reported lost, stolen, or damaged, it can be "hot listed" which tells card-accepting devices that the card has been cancelled. Information stored in the Point of Sale terminal will reject any card that has been "hot listed". Any value remaining on a card that has been "hot listed" and remains after four days (to allow for late merchant settlements) will be returned to you in your regular pay. Your electronic currency is secure and protected.

How does the customer know how much value is on their EZpay™ card?

The “balance” of the EZpay™ card is displayed when the card is inserted in a Point of Sale terminal, or hand held reader (where available). Once the transaction is complete, the terminal displays the “new balance”. The customer can keep paying with the card anywhere it is accepted until all the electronic currency has been spent.

What does the customer do if there is not enough value left on the EZpay™ card to cover the purchase amount?

The customer can pay the difference with cash, check, or a credit/debit card; or cancel the sale.

What should be done if the customer thinks his/her EZpay™ card has more value than the balance showing on the EZpay™ terminal?

The customer should request a transaction detail report from the Finance Office. In some cases this information will have to be faxed to the Finance Office by the Treasury Fiscal Agent responsible for the EZpay program.

What should I do if I still have money on my EZpay™ card before graduation?

Near the end of your training, cash out all funds left on your EZpay™ card at the local on-base Financial Institution. Your EZpay™ card should have a zero ($.00) balance before graduation from training.


How much does it cost me to get an EZpay card?

1. That's easy... There is no fee to get an EZpay card! EZpay is provided to you by the U.S. government as a cash management tool to help you manage your money while you are in training. Thank you!

How much does it cost me to use an EZpay card?

2. That's also easy... There is no fee to use your EZpay card at the Post Exchange or Base Exchange, Military Clothing, concessionaire, or any other participating merchant. The merchants also do not incur any costs for acceptance of the EZpay card. The merchants Point of Sale terminals and supplies as well as support and maintenance are all taken care of by the program.

   Last Updated:  March 31, 2014