Federal Tax Deposit Information


To learn more about EFTPS, enroll, or make a payment: www.EFTPS.gov

To order free EFTPS marketing materials please dial 1 (800) 829-3676

For More Information

The EFTPS voice response system for making a payment (enrollment must be completed first): 1 (800) 555-3453

If customers have questions about whether they can mail a check with their quarterly or annual IRS return: IRS.gov (search for "Tax Topics 757") or call 1 (800) 830-5215

EFTPS Customer Service: 1 (888) 555-4477


Note: All items are available for download only; no hard copies may be ordered.

EFTPS Financial Institution Handbook
DownloadPDF file (406 kb)

Same-Day Wire Worksheet
DownloadPDF file (57 kb)

EFTPS Fact Sheet
DownloadPDF file (150 kb)

EFTPS Payment Instruction Booklet
DownloadPDF file (1.72 mb)

A guide to using the EFTPS voice response system
DownloadPDF file (33 kb)

   Last Updated:  March 14, 2014