Notice of Proposed Rulemaking CFR 203: Payment of Federal Taxes and the Treasury Tax and Loan Program

Updated September 30, 1999


Federal Register: July 30, 1999 (Volume 64, Number 146) Proposed Rules Page 41748-41749 from the "Federal Register Online" via GPO Access

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The Department of the Treasury (Treasury), Financial Management Service (FMS), is proposing a revision of its regulations governing the Treasury Tax and Loan (TT&L) program and specifically a change to the interest rate Treasury charges on TT&L note balances, including funds loaned through the direct investment and special direct investment programs. Under the current rule, the TT&L rate of interest is the Federal funds rate published weekly by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System less 25 basis points. Treasury is proposing to change the basis for computing the TT&L rate of interest to an overnight repurchase agreement rate in order to better approximate the market interest rate for collateralized lending.

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