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GovernmentDepositAccount [0..1]


Information about the deposit account for the government agency.

Element Information
The <GovernmentDepositAccount> element is a child element of the <FinancialReportingDetails> element. The <GovernmentDepositAccount> element is the first element under the <FinancialReportingDetails> element and is an optional element.

The <GovernmentDepositAccount> element does not contain any further nested children elements.

Attribute Information
CashlinkAccountNumber[0..1] [0-9]{6}A CashLink assigned number identifying an account.
AccountKeyCode[0..1] String [3, 3]Identifies the FRB Account Key that is used within the Federal Reserve. The FRB Account Key is used by FRB Cashlink in combination with the RTN to determine the appropriate CA$HLINK II CAN. The FRB Account Key is similar to the CAN, but is only used for FRB financial activity.
CostCenterWorkUnitCode[0..1] String [4, 4]Identifies the Cost Center Work Unit for FRB deposits and adjustments.
CustomerAccountsReceivableSystemNumber[0..1] [0-9]{6}A CARS/Bank Managment Service defined number identifying an account.

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