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Business Message Listing
CheckPayments [1..1]
CheckPayment [1..60]


Container for Check payment detail information

Element Information
The <CheckPayments> element is a child element of the <TypeA_Details> element. The <CheckPayments> element is the second element under the <TypeA_Details> element and is a required element.

The <CheckPayments> element contains 1 child element and has a sequence content model. The sequence content model means that there is a particular order to the children elements of the parent element - in this case, the <CheckPayments> element has a particular order of elements that must be followed.

Attribute Information
PaymentTypeCode[1..1]Vendor [Vendor], Miscellaneous [Miscellaneous], Tax [Tax], OPMBenefit [OPM Benefit], RRBBenefit [RRB Benefit], SSABenefit [SSA Benefit], SSIBenefit [SSI Benefit], VABenefit [VA Benefit]Code denoting the type of sub-payment.
IsManualCheck[1..1] 1|0Identifies if the payment is for a Manual Check that will be hand produced.

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