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Business Message Listing
ReportingSummary [0..unbounded]
TradingPartnerExtensions [0..1]
CollectionReportingClassifications [1..1]
PaymentReportingClassifications [1..1]
InterGovernmentalReportingClassifications [1..1]


Contains the fields to support the GWA System to become the system of record, to have one central point to retrieve all financial information, and to streamline reporting and reconciliation of Fund Balance with Treasury (FBWT) information for the Federal Program Agencies.

Element Information
The <ReportingSummary> element is a child element of the <ReportingSummaries> element. The <ReportingSummary> element is the second element under the <ReportingSummaries> element and is an optional repeating (unbounded) element.

The <ReportingSummary> element contains 4 children elements and has a multiple content model where there exists more than one content model (sequence, choice, all or some combination of these three content models). Please review the XML Schema document to fully understand the implications of the multiple content model.

Attribute Information
ID[1..1] String [0, 80]An identifier for the record. For a receiving system, this value can be used to reconcile updates to an existing record and qualify new records. For a sending system, this value can be used to reconcile acknowledgements for the submitted records.
TotalAmount[1..1]Decimal [20, 2]Indicates the total absolute dollar amount of items.
CheckDigitNumber[1..1] [0-9]A form of redundancy check used for error detection and consists of a single digit computed from the other digits in the amount field.
IsCredit[1..1] 1|0Indicates if the item is a debit or credit, for example, a value of '1' would mean that it is a 'credit'. If the attribute is not populated or not present in the XML instance document, then the default value is understood to be '0'.

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