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Welcome to the Department of Treasury Fiscal Service web site for the standard XML message exchange specifications!

The current specifications are listed in the left-side navigation menu. The menu options will change as you drill down into the specifics of each message. As more message specifications are created, you will find them here.

Business Message Collection Information
The Fiscal Service XML Schema messages were constructed using reusable components for maximum efficiency and ease-of-implementation. The Fiscal Service Enterprise Data Architecture (Fiscal Service EDA) team has met several times with business and technology experts and continues to meet with those and other industry experts to ensure that the Fiscal Service System Data Model be normalized and standardized. This effort is not simple and is not quick, even though the business requirements of systems implementing these XML Schemas necessitate rapid deployment, the Fiscal Service EDA team is actively researching various methods to further automate and deploy better assistance for system implementers. Currently the Fiscal Service EDA team is offering this web site and other tools to assist your implementation efforts. The Fiscal Service XML Schema documents are W3C XML Schema 1.0 compliant documents which means that implementers should use tools that are fully compliant with this specification. The Fiscal Service EDA team will be adding to its library of documents throughout release schedules. These documents and other production releases will be distributed primarily through this website.

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Business Message Calendar
The Fiscal Service XML Schema messages are formally published twice a calendar year - May and November. The May release is typically a release that may or may not break backwards-compatibility. The November release is designed primarily to address issues or oversights of the prior release. Please browse through the months of the Fiscal Service XML Schema calendar - this is our attempt to inform our user community about the important milestones required for a published release - this calendar will be updated to reflect the subsequent publication.
For help, please contact the Treasury Fiscal Service Enterprise Data Architecture team.
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This web site is informative only and may contain publishing errors/inconsistencies - please carefully review the appropriate XML Schema documents in the Download section.