Treasury :: Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Enterprise Data Architecture
Transmission Business Message

Data Exchange Listing
Schedule [1..1]
ACH_BatchReference [0..1]
OriginatingAgency [1..1]
PaymentClassification [0..1000]
CertificationDetails [0..1]
Comment [0..1]
PaymentDetail [0..unbounded]

Element Information
DefinitionPayment certification data (ALC, CO name, total amount, total payments, etc.)
Attribute Information
Attribute NameUseDataTypeDefinition
ScheduleNumberrequired [0-9A-Z\-]{14}The schedule number assigned by the agency to identify this set of payments .
FederalProgramAgencyIdentifierrequired [exact length: 4] [A-Z0-9&'><!#$%\(\)\+\*,\./:;=?@\[\]\\\^_`{}\|~\-]{4}This is an organizational identifier to identify agency payment offices.
IsExpeditedHandlingoptional 1|0Indicator used to request expedited handling of the Payments in the Schedule.
TotalAmountrequiredDecimal [20, 2]Min Inclusive: 0.00Indicates the total absolute dollar amount of items.
TotalCountrequired0,1,2,..nIndicates the total number of items.
IsNonDomesticrequired 1|0Indicates whether the entity or transaction is considered non domestic.
RequestedPaymentDaterequired YYYY-MM-DDRequested date of payment for this schedule.
EINoptional String [0, 10] [A-Z0-9"&'>< !#$%\(\)\+\*,\./:;=?@\[\]\\\^_`{}\|~\-]*A number assigned to businesses by the IRS and used by DHHS for tracking child support payments.
ACH_AgencyTextoptional String [0, 4] [A-Z0-9"&'>< !#$%\(\)\+\*,\./:;=?@\[\]\\\^_`{}\|~\-]*Used to identify the agency responsible for the payments.
PaymentTypeCoderequiredAllotments [Allotments], Monthly Benefit [Monthly Benefit], Daily Benefits [Daily Benefits], Vendor [Vendor], Insurance [Insurance], Refunds [Refunds], Education [Education], Awards [Awards], Annuity [Annuity], Thrift [Thrift], Medical [Medical], Grants [Grants], Salary [Salary], Fees [Fees], Travel [Travel], Tax [Tax], OPMBenefit [Office of Personal Management Benefit], RRBBenefit [Rail Road Retirement Board Benefit], SSABenefit [SSA Benefit], SSIBenefit [SSI Benefit], VABenefit [VABenefit], Miscellaneous [Miscellaneous]Code denoting the type of sub-payment.
CheckScheduleEnclosureCodeoptionalNameOnly [Name Only (name is required, one address line is optional)], Letter [Letter (Name and one address line are required, three optional address lines, Manual checks must be 1)], Stub [Stub (Name and one address line are required, three lines optional and up to 14 information lines)], Insert [Indicates that the customer is requesting a generic insert (that will provided separately) and be included with each check payment.]Code denoting special name, address, and stub characteristics of a check payment. It is also used to denote a foreign payment.
GarnishmentIndicatorrequired 1|0Indicates whether all the payments are eligible for garnishment with a value of '1'. If not eligible, then the value is '0'.
Technical Information
Schema versionurn:us:gov:treasury
Content ModelThe <Schedule> element contains 6 children elements and has a sequence content model. The sequence content model means that there is a particular order to the children elements of the parent element - in this case, the <Schedule> element has a particular order of elements that must be followed.

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